heroku-steps-for-hobo1Hobo and Heroku have a lot of potential. Here is a draft of the steps required to get a Hobo app you have developed elsewhere running on Heroku…

Posted by Owen Dall

Founder and CTO


  1. this is old (from heroku’s standpoint) and no longer applies. I’ve got a recipe posted on getting hobo to work with heroku’s new site. If you want, I can add a part on how to move the database back and forth.

  2. errr.. never mind. Looks like the version in the book is up to date.

  3. Yes, Kevin I added that in Chapter 24. Can you test that out?

    I’ll remove the old one…

    Thanks much,


  4. A lot has happened at Heroku in the last year…see Chapter 24 of “Rapid Rails with Hobo” about using the new Heroku…

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