“Create a full set of rock-solid instructions and tutorials so that
even a novice developer can create, revise, and deploy non-trivial
data-rich Web 2.0 applications. The user must have fun while
learning, and develop the confidence to take the next step of diving
in to learn more about Hobo, Rails and the elegant and powerful object-
oriented language behind these frameworks – Ruby.”

Toward that end we’ve decided to trim out the more “reference-oriented” Chapter “Hobo Under the Hood” as a separate publication. This makes the intro book more coherent and compact.

Posted by Owen Dall

Founder and CTO


  1. I wasn’t sure if there was an “official” place to leave feedback regarding the book. If there is please let me know and I’ll leave this feedback there. Otherwise, here is something I came across:

    In Chapter three, tutorial two, figure 26, pages 38-39, I’m pretty sure the css file name/path has change a little, but it wasn’t a big deal to find what I think is the appropriate one (old was rapid-ui.css, new is hobo-rapid.css). However, I can’t seem to get the text field lengths to change no matter which textarea entries I modify in the css. Do I need to be editing a different file? I’m sorry, I tried to figure out the exact change to be made but I couldn’t, and I have very little CSS experience…

    # I am pretty new to rails and very new to hobo, but all I can say is WOW! I was really excited when I found it, and even more excited when I found the book. VERY GOOD WORK! I hope you’ll keep it up, and I’ll help in any way I can (leaving feedback, etc.). I like the introductory chapter, and appreciate having the second chapter exclusively deal with installation (I skipped it since I already installed hobo).

  2. Hey Joey,

    Thanks much for your your feedback. I’ll take it from anywhere I can get it. Please join us at the Hobousers google group:


    And keep it coming!



  3. Thanks for checking out the CSS file/path name. Things have changed in Hobo in the last year!


  4. Joey,

    You still need to override what is in rapid-ui.css. The cleanest way is to put ONLY the change into application.css, which is default empty. Hobo load this last, so whatever definitions are in application.css will take precendence. Take a look at this screen shot:


    I am also not a CSS expert. We’re trying to make Hobo friendly for these kinds of things.


  5. Found the file after your last post. My apologies for the false alarm…

  6. No problem. Any time!


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