March of Napoleon There are a few major events in 1984 that stick out in my memory, and this is one.  I just recently opened up my original, tattered copy of the first edition to see the publication date.   I  still keep a copy of the famous poster of  Minard’s “Napolean’s March” on my office wall. I was a young Research Director for the Criminal Justice Statistics Association (Now called NCJA) where we were working on a project with the National Institute of Justice  (NIJ) about improving publications relating to national crime statistics.  Edward Tufte was a consultant. This was quite an eye-opening experience for me. Of course, back then NIJ distributed thousands of copies of printed statistics and graphs.  It is now a Brave New World… Also, you must see Micheal Friendly’s  great article “Re-Visions of Minard”

Posted by Owen Dall

Founder and CTO

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  1. (Correction: The original copyright date was actually 1983. I purchased my copy in 1984.)

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