Just in the very beginning of this great book are great nuggets that I have found to be true and deserve repetition.

Page 44:

“Our mission would be to prevent anybody from commencing a major program…until they do the following:

  • Define the measurable business outcome to be achieved
  • Build the smallest prototype capable of demonstrating measurable progress towards that outcome
  • Demonstrate that the proposed solution actually provides value to the audience it is designed for”

Page 49:

“Users are often unable to articulate exactly what they need, yet they often seem insistent about what they don’t want…once they see it.”

“we should stop using the word “requirements” in product development, at least in the context of nontrivial features. What we have, rather, are hypotheses.

Page 54:

“The hardest part here is to limit scope so as to solve a real problem but to deliver something in the space of days or weeks, rather than months. The worst their we can do is disappear to design the perfect tool or adoption strategy, without continually delivering value to real users and gathering feedback from then throughout the process.  It’s essential to be disciplined about time-boxing this activity and to focus on solving a real and urgent problem as soon as possible.”

Wisdom nuggets…

THe Lean Enterprise Book




Posted by Owen Dall

Founder and CTO

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