Something I have been pondering for the past few years is how we could make use of un-tapped talent in this country.  There is a major shortage of talent in the information economy, and of course the long history of out-sourcing to find this need as well as to cut costs.

Yesterday I was driving to DC and heard a story on the radio about a new startup in Kentucky called Bit Source.   I won’t repeat the details, as I will post a link below for the full story.

The good news is they selected 10 candidates from 1,000 applications that would be put through an intensive 22 week software coding bootcamp.  The bad news is there are 990 others, many who might have qualified if there was a large enough initiative.

How do we scale experiments like this?  What is the cost benefit ratio?

How do we make our economy more “Agile”?

Link to the full article


Posted by Owen Dall

Founder and CTO

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