After watching the excellent recent video by Anders Hejlsberg, a Microsoft Fellow and most famous for his past work on Turbo Pascal and C#.  You can find it at   It was actually a brand new training video on Angular 2 from @frontend masters that includes TypeScript examples that led me to and this video.

What was new to me is the extent of the collaboration between Google and Microsoft, including the fact that Google has written Angular 2 using TypeScript.  In addition, I did not realize that the Visual Studio Code app is open-source and available on Mac OS X and Linux.

I have been searching for a better way to be more productive and less error prone for our developers working on large JavaScript projects.

Watching Anders Hejlsberg outline the TypeScript roadmap, and illustrate live workflow for using TypeScript and Visual Studio Code with Angular 2, React.js (with JSX support), and Node.js workflows, has given me new impetus to see how more Agile we can become with these promising tools.

BTW, he provided this chart on the trend for downloading TypeScript:

TypeScript Adoption

And recent new features:

Recent TypeScript Features





Posted by Owen Dall

Founder and CTO

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