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Agile Text Animation with Velocity.js

See keywords and phrases related to the art of Topic Modeling in this self-running demo.  You can access the code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) on my Codepen account. Thanks to Julian Shapiro for the original […]

Insights from “The Master Algorithm” – Part 1

I am on my second reading of this insightful and information-packed book by Pedro Domingos.  He masterfully outlines the history of the five “tribes” of Machine Learning (ML), how they have evolved, and where […]

I have seen the light about TypeScript…

After watching the excellent recent video by Anders Hejlsberg, a Microsoft Fellow and most famous for his past work on Turbo Pascal and C#.  You can find it at   It was actually a brand […]

From Coal Miners to Coders: Can We Scale In-Sourcing in America?

Something I have been pondering for the past few years is how we could make use of un-tapped talent in this country.  There is a major shortage of talent in the information economy, and […]

The Barquin “Application Gallery”

This is a first pass at providing a sample of applications our teams have developed over the past few years:  

Nuggets of Wisdom from “The Lean Enterprise”

Just in the very beginning of this great book are great nuggets that I have found to be true and deserve repetition. Page 44: “Our mission would be to prevent anybody from commencing a major […]

Celebrating 30 Years of Tufte’s “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”

There are a few major events in 1984 that stick out in my memory, and this is one.  I just recently opened up my original, tattered copy of the first edition to see the […]

“Agile Data Warehouse Design” by Lawrence Carr

This is the one book that outlines almost exactly what we have been doing at Barquin International for the last 10 years.  Great read It is very eerie we have our W5 acronym, Carr […]

REEport goes live an the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

REEport is the “Research, Education, and Extension Project Online Reporting Tool.”   This was a great team effort between the Barquin team and the NIFA Federal team. “Barquin International announced today its partnership with […]

Hobo 2.0 for Rails 3.2 Released!

Use Hobo to build a fully functioning Rails 3.12 app in minutes… See the tutorials and new website built with Hobo 2.0, which now uses the Twitter Bootstrap  UI as the default.