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Beta Book “Rapid Rails 3 with Hobo” Now Available for Download

Now that the Hobo 1.3 Release Candidate is now available, it is a good time to check out the book. Rapid Rails 3 with Hobo – Beta 6

Hobo 1.3 for Rails 3 now in Beta

Check out the “hobodev” google group for more information, and for instructions…

Two Hobo eBooks now available at

Tom Locke has created this page for book access: “Rapid Rails with Hobo” “Hobo at Work” We are currently looking for a publisher for enhanced print versions. -Owen

Latest draft of “Rapid Rails with Hobo” book

New versions as of Feb 7,2010: Please find the PDF: Rapid_Rails_with_Hobo-2010.02.07 And the Word DOCX: Rapid_Rails_with_Hobo-2010.02.07

Updated PDF for “Rapid Rails with Hobo”

Minor edits for the installation section: rapid_rails_with_hobo_beta_version_0.9.9.1

Uploaded trimmed versions of the “Rapid Rails with Hobo” book

We decided to take the last 200+ pages out (Hobo Under the Hood) and make it a separate document. The new Rapid Rails with Hobo is leaner… PDF: Beta Version rapid_rails_with_hobo_beta_version_0.9.8.8 DOCX: Beta […]

Another Revision of “Rapid Rails with Hobo”

Only minor formatting and edits… Rapid_Rails_with_Hobo_Beta_Version_0.9.5.2

Updated Draft of “Rapid Rails with Hobo”

1. Locked down content 2. Re-ran index mapping 3. Changed title and code fonts after a test run on a B & W printer RAPID_RAIL_WITH_HOBO_DRAFT_FINAL-2009-12-15-1 Added a PDF version: rapid_rail_with_hobo_draft_final-2009-12-15-2

“What is Hobo?” by Tom Locke

This is an excerpt from our new book, “Rapid Rails with Hobo” Hobo is a software framework that radically reduces the effort required to develop database-driven, interactive web-sites and web-based applications. Strictly speaking it’s […]