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Draft # 8 of “Rapid Rails with Hobo”

New Tutorial 28 on Hobo Indexing by Matt Jones. More editing and formatting changes RAPID_RAIL_WITH_HOBO_DRAFT_8-2009-11-18-2 RAPID_RAIL_WITH_HOBO_DRAFT_8-2009-11-18-2

New edits to “Rapid Rails with Hobo” book

Geoff of the Hobo Users Groups was kind enough to drill down deep and find some typos and errata thorugh page 156.  These updates are included in the2009-10-01-1 version of the book. -Owen RAPID_RAILS_WITH_HOBO-DRAFT-2009-10-10-1

Updated Draft of “Rapid Rails with Hobo” book

I have moved the Oracle and MySQL instructions to a new Chapter 6 – Database Turorials.  Also added picture captions through tutorial 2.. .RAPID_RAILS_WITH_HOBO-DRAFT-2009-10-03-6

New Edits to “Using The CKEditor Rich Text Editor with Hobo”

Fixed a bug and added more options… Integrating the CKEditor with a Hobo Application v4

Now 24 Tutorials in Our Book “Rapid Rails with Hobo”

Added instructions today for how to deploy to, and how to push and pull data between your local hobo application and your app on RAPID_RAILS_WITH_HOBO-DRAFT-2009-09-04-3

Uploaded edits to “Rapid Rails with Hobo” book


Latest Draft of “Rapid Rails”

RAPID_RAILS-DRAFT-2009-08-22-5 RAPID_RAILS-DRAFT-2009-08-22-5

Updated Chapters to “Rapid Rails”

RAPID_RAILS_Chapter_04_Intermediate_Tutorials-2009-08-19-2 RAPID_RAILS_Chapter_03_Beginning_Tutorials-2009-08-18

Updated Chapter 2 for Rapid Rails

I re-tested the complete installation from scratch on Windows XP using Ruby 187.26, Rails 2.3.2, and Hobo 0.8.8.   I also added more screen shots and removed some spurious text comments… RAPID_RAILS_Chapter_02_Installation-2009-08-12

Updated Instructions for using CKEditor with Hobo

Thanks to Kevin M. for his edits and suggestions.. .Integrating the CKEditor with a Hobo Application v2