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Updates to Chapter 3 of “Rapid Rails” Uploaded

I  have included edits provided by my good friends at the Hobo users group.  Still more to go, but it is getting cleaner… RAPID_RAILS_Chapter_03_Beginning_Tutorials-2009-08-04-1r.

Barquin Development at USDA

April was a good month.  REEIS 5.0 and The Leadership Management Dashboard (LMD) 3.0 were released with great acclaim.

Running a Hobo App on Heroku

heroku-steps-for-hobo1Hobo and Heroku have a lot of potential. Here is a draft of the steps required to get a Hobo app you have developed elsewhere running on Heroku…

The new Hobo Cookbook

Nice to see the release of Hobo 0.8.3 and the Hobo Cookbook for collaborative sharing of Hobo knowledge: This should accelerate learning of this exciting new web framework.

Setting up Rails, Hobo, Oracle Apps on RedHat Linux

Although we prototyped a recent application (CRIS Topics) using Ubuntu, our client only supports RedHat Enterprise Linux for production applications.  The attached document outlines the steps we took to install and run a built […]

Installing Ruby, Rails 2.1, and Hobo 0.8.1 on Windows XP

Lots of great stuff happening with Hobo, the rapid application development tool for Ruby on Rails.  Barquin International recently updated a tutorial on how to get started using Windows XP. Checkout

Version 6 of Hobo Installation Instructions

This includes all dependencies discovered as of 4/17/2008 for Hobo version 0.7.4.

Hobo 0.7.4 installation requires Subversion (SVN) client

installing-ruby-rails-and-hobo-on-windows-xp-v5See new instructions  in attache document *** also requires the Ruby “RedCloth” gem c:\ruby> gem install RedCloth