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New NIFA Reporting Portal Goes Live!

We are finally on our way with a centralized open-source reporting portal for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). The new portal will provide a common authentication and authorization portal for all […]

Latest draft of “Rapid Rails with Hobo” book

New versions as of Feb 7,2010: Please find the PDF: Rapid_Rails_with_Hobo-2010.02.07 And the Word DOCX: Rapid_Rails_with_Hobo-2010.02.07

Uploaded latest version of “Hobo Under the Hood”

TOC enhancement and page renumbering fixes: Hobo_Under_The_Hood_Beta_Version_0.9.6 This book is continues where “Rapid Rails with Hobo” left off…

“Rapid Rails with Hobo” Draft #10 with Index

This is the first pass at including a significant index of terms in the book… MS Word Version: RAPID_RAIL_WITH_HOBO_DRAFT_10-2009-12-06-3

Tutorial 21 “Replicating the Look and Feel of a Site” in “Rapid Rails with Hobo” reworked

This tutorial uses a real site,, as the target look and feel for a Hobo app called “NIFA Demo”.  Tested with Hobo 0.9.0 and all new screenshots. RAPID_RAIL_WITH_HOBO_DRAFT_9-2009-12-01-1 RAPID_RAIL_WITH_HOBO_DRAFT_9-2009-12-01-1

Now 24 Tutorials in Our Book “Rapid Rails with Hobo”

Added instructions today for how to deploy to, and how to push and pull data between your local hobo application and your app on RAPID_RAILS_WITH_HOBO-DRAFT-2009-09-04-3

REEIS in the News

From: Martin, Jennifer Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 2:23 PM To: Everyone – CSREES Everyone Distribution List Subject: New REEIS Web site featured on Federal News Radio – Tune in today! Colleagues, ISTM’s Joe […]

Barquin Development at USDA

April was a good month.  REEIS 5.0 and The Leadership Management Dashboard (LMD) 3.0 were released with great acclaim.